"Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself" - Coco Chanel

Boudoir- even the word is sexy! Boudoir is one of my favorite shoots to do. I love helping empower women to feel sexy and beautiful in their own skin. Boudoir sessions are fun, I promise! The sessions can take place anywhere you are comfortable, such as a private studio or outdoor environment (I've even done a session in a car!) Clients are encouraged to wear whatever piece of lingerie/ clothing they feel the most sexy in. In a typical session you can expect me to direct you through the whole process, and it runs in a smooth, easy flow. And of course, whatever type of music you are into to get into the groove. My favorite moment in boudoir is seeing women who come in the first time, showing them the first few photos, and then seeing the look on their faces when they see how beautiful they are! Check out my boudoir portfolio below for some of the beautiful women I've had the pleasure to capture on film.